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Cockroaches like warm moist conditions that's why they come indoors and especially prefer food preparation areas and bathrooms. They come into contact with human excrement in the sewers and hence can transmit food poisoning, Streptococcus, and Hepatitis: also allergies and asthma can be triggered from their droppings.

  Cockroaches are medium to large sized insects in the order of Dictyoptera. They are broad, flattened insects with a long antennae and a prominent shield-shaped section behind the head called a pronotum. A single female and her offspring can produce thirty thousand individuals per year. Some people confuse them with beetles, but adult cockroaches have membranous wings and lack the thick hardened forewings of beetles. They are nocturnal and have a tendency to scatter when disturbed. Of the six common pest species German and Brownbanded are the most likely to inhabit buildings. It is important to correctly identify the species involved in a cockroach infestation so that the most effective control methods can be applied.