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Q) Is the treatment safe for my family?

A) We use only EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) approved products specifically those which are as close to being natural as possible, and we apply them in the safest way. Typically we use borate, growth inhibitors, natural and synthetic pyrethrums or bate depending on the situation and we adhere to strict company guidelines both in application technique and vacate time intervals.

Q) Will it hurt my pets?

A) Generally pets are similar to humans regarding chemicals so the same precautions apply.

Q) Do I need to be home when the technician arrives?

A) If it's only an external spraying then no unless you have locked gates however if it's inside the house then yes, or have someone else there or leave the keys hidden.

Q) Does my service continue year round?

A) It depends on the program you set up. Ideally we would treat for different pests at various times throughout the year, for example spiders try to come in before winter and rodents are year round.

Q) Can anything be done to prevent termites?

A) Termites are only a problem if they gain access to wood therefore you can reduce the chances by removing scrap wood, firewood and cardboard from around the foundation walls of your house; also, repair leaking faucets as termites need moisture.

Q) How do I know I have a termite problem?

A) Most homeowners will rarely see termites as they hide deep in the wood or soil; you may see a swarm in the spring, a tubular hole in the wall or grandular pettels that look a lot like large grains of pepper.

Q) What are the termite treatment options?

A) There is no single right answer to this question. Treatment options vary with the species of termite as well as the extent and degree of the infestation.

Q) Can I do the inspection and treatment myself?

A) No, termite inspections and treatments are very detailed and complicated. Treatments, especially underneath or in attics of homes can be dangerous. It's best to leave it to the professionals as most treatment materials are only available to registered professionals anyway.

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