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Termites don't live on their own, they infest your house in colonies organized similar to a bee hive or an ant's nest. Unlike many types of ants termites often have more than one queen. There is a primary queen which usually founded the colony along with several secondary queens that will take over if the primary is killed.  

Each year billions of dollars in damages are caused by termites throughout the United States. Just by existing they can prevent you from being able to sell your house-no one is going to want to buy a house with termites, that's why many home sales contracts are contingent upon the outcome of a termite inspection. Moderate levels of termite damage may be reversed through professional repair, measures should always be taken first to ensure that the infestation has been fully exterminated and that the home is fully protected against further infestations. Because termites feed primarily on wood they are capable of compromising the strength and safety of an infested structure.  

The structure may be unlivable until expensive repairs are conducted. Termite damage sometimes appears similar to water damage which includes sagging floors and ceilings. However, termites are often not identified before considerable damage has occurred therefore it is advisable that homeowners contact a professional exterminator before attempting to address the problem themselves.